Dear Friends,

I have an update regarding the Roots Down Revival Retreat for 2017. Those of you who have signed up already know that I needed to cancel the retreat this past week due to some very exciting news…unfortunately, it was obviously not the best timing.

The reason I had to cancel the retreat is that I am one of the few who have been accepted into Jay Grimes’ Master Pilates Program, “The Work” out of Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles for the class of 2017. Being accepted into “the Work” is an opportunity of a lifetime that I couldn’t give up. I hope you all understand and appreciate my decision. “The Work” consists of several modules that are 7 consecutive days, all in LA. The first module is from January 11-18th which would have coincided with the retreat (January 9-13). It was very hard for me to disappoint those of you who were planning on coming and participating, especially after pouring my heart into this retreat. As I plan on the retreat being an annual occurrence I hope to share this special and beautiful place and retreat experience with all of you in January 2018.

It takes a lot of WORK!

It takes a lot of work…

to recognize that…

“We’re not perfect, and it takes a long time to get there!”

I hope you can laugh and love this phrase as much as I do.

Jay Grimes, first generation master instructor(learned the method of Pilates from Joseph Pilates himself) said this to over 50 classical pilates instructors this weekend at Vintage Pilates in LA. What a great weekend! As some of you may already know, I am hoping to be accepted into Jay’s Pilates Master Program, called, “The Work.” I performed my assessment on the reformer this weekend and overall, I believe, I had a strong performance. I will find out in November wether or not I am one of the few chosen to participate in his program. The program is an intense 1-2 year graduate program for certified teachers who desire to go beyond Pilates workshops and truly understand how all the Pilates exercises and the apparatus work together efficiently and effectively.

Back to, “we’re not perfect, and it takes a long time to get there!” I love this saying as it reminds me that making any shift/change in my attitude, in my body, in my actions takes time. It takes a lot of “WORK” also. WE need to choose and become consciously aware of our actions and recognize what we can do to ease the discomfort. Being disciplined and steadfast in your actions will hopefully affect your realistic goals:) you set for yourself. Doing all of this we will still have more, and more, and more to work on. Enjoy your journey, learn from it, love yourself, and repeat!