Brooke is influenced by inspirational people she has met along the way! After attaining her Masters in Teaching from Seattle University in 2003, Brooke was not completely satisfied. Brooke longed to teach something that could bring immediate satisfaction to people who simply needed a little escape from the stresses of every day life. It was in 2005 that Brooke decided not to renew her teachers license and instead devote her time to teaching in the health and wellness industry. Brooke has thus completed certifications in personal training, and various other trainings specializing in anything from arthritis, water aerobics, spinning, and her 2 favorites: Yoga and Pilates!

Brooke has been taking various Yoga and Pilates trainings around the world since 2004. Learning and experiencing playful, yet wise, effective movement is her passion! Brooke continues to anchor herself in movement as it never “sits.” There is always movement, change, and a hope for a better life ahead when you commit yourself to continue to move, connect with, and experience the sensations in your own body.

Just recently (November 2017), she graduated from an intensive year long Pilates graduate program called The Work, based out of Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles for certified teachers. The program was directed by first generational master instructor, Jay Grimes, who has studied directly under Joseph Pilates himself.

The below shares a little on how Brooke found Pilates:

Anusara yoga was Brooke’s first fitness crush. She took her first Anusara Yoga class at Yoga on 5th in Des Moines, Iowa in 2004 and continues to hold much gratitude toward the Yoga on 5th Kula (now called, Shakti Yoga Shop), and studio owner, Brette Berlin-Scott. Pilates, particularly Classical Pilates, was Brooke’s second fitness crush. Brooke took her first Classical Pilates class in Sylvania, Ohio, out of a studio called Body Defined in 2005. There was a vibrant, thriving Pilates community in Sylvania and Brooke simply had to see what Pilates was all about…

To experience what Pilates was all about, Brooke enrolled herself in a beginner Pilates mat certification.  Colleene Knorek, a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates, NY, the studio owner of Body Defined, was also the person instructing the mat certification.  Colleene recognized Brooke’s natural talent and abilities as a teacher. Colleene’s enthusiasm and belief in Brooke’s abilities and skills as a future Pilates teacher was one of the main reasons Brooke decided to invest more in the method than just a weekend mat training that would have only allowed her to teach mat classes.  The timing was right so Brooke committed herself to practicing and studying Pilates during a year long comprehensive study in 2005, shortly after meeting Colleene and contemplating her career shift. In that intense year long study and practice of Pilates, Brooke’s body changed. Brooke’s yoga practice had also completely transformed. Before Pilates, handstands were not only scary, but seemed impossible if not for a wall behind her to support. Surprisingly, handstands, along with other various yoga poses were simpler and easier.

Brooke continues to practice and find pleasure in the practice of Yoga.  Brooke hopes to teach and inspire others to use “Pilates awareness” when they move in whatever fitness method they choose.  Being aware of ones’ boundaries will enable one to explore as they move and open their bodies and truly learn more about their unique tendencies and what they should pay particular attention to, to keep them safe as well as how they may be able to push their own boundaries and dive a little deeper.  Brooke believes that the method of Pilates can truly compliment, enhance, and transform someones life in regards to how they move, feel, and live in their body.

Aside from Yoga and Pilates, Brooke’s first and most important love affair is with her husband Pontus. Pontus has supported Brooke and has been a steadfast solid anchor in her life that she continues to be grateful for. Brooke also has 2 beautiful daughters; Ginger and Coco that she is so proud of and loves with all her heart. Brooke enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, traveling, cooking, and staying connected to people and things that inspire her to be a better person.  Currently(1/1/18), Brooke is having fun with applying her Pilates practice to taking tennis lessons, and also learning to play the ukulele!

If you want to learn more on Brooke’s past, present, future trainings/experiences focusing on the practice and study of Yoga and Pilates, please feel free to email her at


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