Le Bureau translates into “the office” in French. When you come to my studio, it won’t just be another ordinary day at the office. Rather than working on something else, you will come to work solely on yourself.

The logo shows someone rolling into themselves. Le Bureau wants you to consider asking yourself what you need today to make yourself feel better and stronger.

Roll into you. How will you work on yourself today?

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On Demand Pilates Mat classes

Check out some of my latest on demand Pilates Mat classes offered on Community Fitness online membership 1/18 – ‘Intermediate Classical Mat Pilates Flow’ 1/25 – ‘Invigorating Pilates Flow’ including several backbends 2/01 – ‘Easygoing Pilates Flow’ to simply move your energy 2/08 – ‘Intermediate Reformer on the Mat Pilates Flow’ *optional light weights 2/15 … Continue reading On Demand Pilates Mat classes

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