10 postures, 50 rounds of breath to promote a divine nights sleep:)


Check this sequence out on you tube!

I do this sequence when I am experiencing an achy lower body in the evening before I go to bed.  My legs and feet can be irritated to the point I have a hard time relaxing my body so I can fall asleep.  

The following sequence done with the breath can help flush lower body, releasing tension and tight muscles in the lower body – feet, legs & hips.  

Heres to a divine nights sleep…


1.  cat -inhale/cow – exhale(dynamic stretch)

2.  toe stretch “toe breaker pose”

3.  quad stretch

4.  calves stretch

5.  lying supine – use hands to push thighs back to stretch open and decongest low waist and pelvis

6.  hamstring stretch

7.  figure 4 stretch

8.  windshield wiper/supine twist-inhale one way and exhale the other(dynamic stretch)

9.  hug knees to chest or plow

10.  seated forward fold



“Miracles are natural.  Something is wrong if they don’t happen.  For instance, you can be a vegetarian and run 6 miles a day, but if you are in an abusive relationship, or hate your job, or have daily fights with your parents/spouse, you are losing energy – or power – in a pattern of behavior that can lead to illness or can prevent your healing from an illness.  On the other hand, if you are spiritually centered and call back your energy from negative beliefs you can eat cat food and still stay healthy.” 

pg.26 – Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss.


This month I attended both a Yoga and Pilates conference.  I had a great time reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and of course gaining fresh insight on different ways to teach both these disciplines.  As I reflect back on my experiences and the people I met and worked with I am amazed by how different each and every body is, although some things will work for most people, there are always several exceptions!  Its been fascinating for me to  learn peoples stories and how their stories are visible to some degree in their bodies.   Of course, every ‘body’ is different in its own DNA , but it is interesting to me how a person’s past and present experiences can further shape and influence their body.  That said, I believe the physical actions and postures in Yoga and Pilates are not enough to transform and heal one’s body to find better equilibrium.  I further believe that there has to be a strong importance on “our” spirit(s) as we work.   If we just emphasize the physical/ body without including the spiritual we will fall short of reaping the benefits of both methods. 

I just read the book, Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss.  Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive.  In her book, she gives examples how illness generally corresponds to a held pattern of emotional and psychological stresses, beliefs, and attitudes.  These held patterns influence 7 particular areas in the body.  The 7 energy centers of spiritual and physical power in the body integrate with ancient wisdom of 3 spiritual traditions – Hindu chakras, the Christian sacraments, and the Kabbalah’s tree of life.  If one energy center is lacking energy or ‘sleeping’ for whatever reason this energetic imbalance will have a direct influence on that particular part of the physical body.

You may wonder, why I am writing about a medical intuitive and energy centers and their corresponding connection to the physical body?  It’s fascinating!, and after all, we are simply matter and spirit.  To be healthy and strong I believe its important to understand how matter and spirit interact to ultimately feel our best.  If your spirit is drained our bodies will be too…   We all have our challenges and maybe you are currently, or have experienced, a feeling of disconnect in your body that all the cues and physical therapy etc cannot help undo.  How does that particular part of your physical body coincide with an energetic center in your body?  Read the book!!:)

It’s our human condition to experience suffering and although it’s humiliating, and painful, I believe it is happening for a reason and if I listen and accept the lesson I can find more energetic and physical balance and joy within that will help me ultimately grow and transform into someone greater than before.   I have tried denying my pain and continued to ‘get in the ring’ pushing my feeling aside, but it wasn’t until I accepted my current physical and emotional state and decided to work with it, not ignore it, that my body finally started to heal, open, and recirculate.  All the technical cues and training lessons are a waste of energy and money if your spirit is not also awake and participating with your body.  

I am sure most of us agree that we do not ask ourselves how our spirit is doing when we go to Pilates or exercise class, but I believe it is something to pay attention to, especially if you do want to improve, find more connection within and ultimately feel better.  What enlivens and fuels our spirit also fuels our bodies.   “The power that fuels our bodies, our minds, our hearts does not originate in our DNA, Rather, its our roots in divinity itself” – pg 78

Here’s my 2 cents on how you could uplift your spirit

-show up 

show up with full presence and awareness in and out of class

-remind yourself

remind yourself you are not alone.  There are other beautiful souls that have the same work to do.

-breathe, breathe, continue to breathe

The breath is the piece that connects us. When we are breathing deeply and consciously we are in union with the divine and  and can move our energy, and transform our spirit.

-listen deeply and pay attention to the  reasons why  – you are doing something.

listen deeply to yourself and others with kindness to better understand.

-be kind and accept yourself and others.

especially in a states/periods of stress, how can you respect yourself and others?  Stand tall, look forward and see one another.   Look for the good in the situation.  Find the lesson to be learned and be a model for others.