I recently invested in a beautiful painting for Le Bureau! I am expecting its’ arrival any day now and I am excited to display it. The name of the painting is “OUR WAVE.” I was attracted to the painting as soon as I made eye contact with it. This doesn’t happen to me often as the only other time I remember having a similar attraction is when I saw Pontus for the first time… it was love at first sight! 🙂

AS you may imagine, the painting is a wave; a large, abstract, beautiful and bright portrait of a wave!

Here is why I like it so much…

I love the idea of how “Our Wave” can be easily used for an analogy for “our life.” Its a beautiful reminder that our experience and sometimes circumstances within a situation can change! A wave is alive, steadily and rhythmically flowing in and out to sea, and unpredictable in its’ nature, as it can be rough and over powering at times. Just how our life is dynamic, sometimes more stressful and demanding. Unlike the ever flowing waves, we have to choose to ride and participate in our own life and hopefully we learn to adapt to our new circumstances and cope with the ups and the downs our journey brings. Right after Pontus and I married in 2003, my Dad gave us a plaque with the saying, “a smile can calm any storm life brings.” Although this is very true, I also believe that self-awareness and knowledge of the bigger picture of what is happening can help us adapt to our current reality. Having more knowledge will help free us of “our storm” that we may be experiencing. We have to pay attention as we ride our waves of life!

It’s encouraging just to know that our waves crash and then get drawn back into the ocean and begin again. There is continual flow and movement just how there are many opportunities for us to find more freedom if we choose to be awake, alive, and learn from our past experiences. There is beauty in the oneness of our wave and therefore, our life’s experiences. I try to remember this analogy myself when I am feeling down and experiencing difficult times.

What’s even more beautiful is that we all share in life’s experiences! It’s encouraging to know that we are not alone, rather, we are connected and reflections of one another. We all catch our waves differently, and as a result, experience different outcomes and consequences depending on the dynamic of our wave. “Our rides” will never quite be the same, and we will have opportunities to experience our waves differently.

I know the more I choose to ride my waves with a humble self awareness I will be able to feel more of what the wave is giving me in return. I hope I can encourage everyone I know to fully participate in their own ride and truly have a sense of play! The more we play the more we feel, and hopefully as a consequence, we learn our lessons to help us adapt to new changes and see our wave to our advantage instead of more and more obstacles in our way.

The nature of a wave is wild, alive and free, unattached and ever moving. You may be wondering, why is Brooke talking about waves when Pilates is more about control and setting boundaries? I see your point! I am asking you to find a sense of play in our center and allow yourself to let it go to feel more connection through your whole body. In return you may feel how you automatically become more stable and centered! I encourage you to think yourself as a wave, by adapting to your own circumstances in that moment and just how a wave can flow around their obstacles, so can you! Allow yourself to FEEL, to breathe bigger, lengthen your side body longer, soften into the fullness of your back body stronger, shine and radiate brighter through your limbs, and lastly, sustain a pulsation of drawing in and out from your center line, just how the wave draws to the center of its tube before it crashes and gets drawn back out to begin again. Feeling the result of applying these simple actions will create more space within. This inner freedom will help you maneuver through any obstacles in your own body and hopefully allow you to tap into a deeper connection and strength at your center.

Just how a wave can crash strongly, I hope that you also give your all and dive deeper within your own body and overall experience. Life does happen and will present us with some rough rides, however, if we, like the wave, continue to get up and adapt to our circumstances, I believe, there will be grace in the unrelenting movement. With steady practice and self awareness, we will have opportunities to swim up and out and connect with ourselves and make our overall experience better.

Do you fully participate in your own journey?

Much Aloha,

Known as The Twins, Alessio and Marcello Bugagiar moved to Maui from their homeland, Florence, Italy, to windsurf and pursue their careers as artists. They are like the two sides of a coin. Marcello, the visionary, and Alessio, the technician. Together they complete passionate works of art of extreme beauty and originality. The juxtaposition of of the classic and the contemporary, the European and the Hawaiian. “We complete each other, we feel we become one energy that expresses a single idea.”