What I Believe

I believe I get good at what I practice.

I believe anything worth doing, is worth dong well.

I believe everybody needs a coach, mentor, or someone to look up to.

I believe real “communities” are rare outside of sport and church but are worth the effort in finding ones that speak to your heart.

I believe the things I need the most are the things I avoid. I believe I already know what others remind me I should do or be aware of.

I believe Pilates is a simple exercise method that can adapt to anyone regardless of age, body type, and ability. Have a positive attitude, work hard and you will find how the method of Pilates can benefit you.

I believe how I give myself fully in my workouts transcends into all parts of my life.

I believe life is too short not to take risks and to follow your heart.

I believe the best things in life are community, movement, wholesome food, laughter, boundaries, and knowing that life is constantly in transition and its best to love oneself.