Dichotomy of allowing yourself to be held before you can be independent and free…

Generally speaking this pregnancy compared to my other 2 (Ginger – 13 and Coco – 10) was challenging.  I have had more minor inconveniences, such as hormonal acne around my smile which in the big picture is no big deal (especially with all the mask wearing I am doing these days), but it still makes me feel self conscious.  I also experienced a major episode early in my pregnancy which made me appreciate the “gift” of being pregnant and getting another chance to hold and nurture another beautiful creation.  

When I was 14 weeks pregnant, and had traveled to Texas for a Pilates conference, I had a major bleeding event.  I woke up in the middle of the night after my first day at the conference to go to the bathroom but instead bled a lot of blood.  My first thought was that oh-no, I lost my baby!  I was shaking with fear and felt so much shame for what just happened.   In my head, I told myself that it was stupid to come to the conference in the first place!  I was upset at myself, as I was thinking that I must have “overdone” it again, in addition, to drinking too much coffee and matcha tea.  What did I do?  What lesson do I need to learn now?  Can’t I be done with learning lessons for a while?

I called Pontus and sadly, still in a lot of shock, told him what I just experienced.  He tried to comfort me and told me it would all be okay and that we do not know anything for certain.  “Try to get some rest,” he says!  It was 3am and I was wide awake and even though I was tired, there was no way I would have been able to sleep.  I ended up changing my flight and came home on the next earliest flight possible.  As I was packing my bags to leave for the airport I knew that worrying and looking up stuff on google would not help my current emotional state so I decided to sing to try and calm myself.  I just started singing without knowing what to sing.  I was so frightened, but was determined not to worry about it.  I told myself “I am okay, I know my baby is okay and I started singing – 

i love you

i love me

i’ll be gentle with you

i’ll be gentle with me

i love you

i love me

you are my baby

all of my dreams

i care for me

i care for you

i’ll be gentle with me

i’ll be gentle with you

stay with me

i’ll stay with you

please my baby stay with me!

i love you

i love me

i promise to be gentle with you and with me.

Baby, stay with me

i love you

i love me

Arriving back at Sea Tac, Pontus and the girls picked me up, and as soon as I saw their faces I could not hold my emotions, and the tears came streaming down my face like waterfalls. Pontus held me and I soon realized that the girls had no idea what was wrong with their Mamma as Pontus had not mentioned anything to them yet.  We got in the car and I told the girls what happened.  They were sad, but so sweet, as they tried to make me feel better.  That whole day still remains a blur, I simply rested and prayed that my baby was okay.  The following day, I saw my doctor.  I held my breath as I lay on the table for the ultrasound.  I closed my eyes, said one more prayer and soon I heard a strong little heart beat inside.  I opened my eyes, smiled and cried, and knew that everything would be okay.  I made a promise to myself to take it easy more, and continue to practice listening to what my body is telling me.  Less pushing, doing, efforting, and instead, more yielding, softening, and surrendering.  At that moment, I knew that this pregnancy was a beautiful gift and I am lucky to have another opportunity to experience the miracle of life within me.  

I am now going on 38 weeks and I have kept my promise.  Although I practice everyday, I have been gentle and loving to myself and my baby.  I take it easy, rest when I need to and I am proud of myself for listening and not competing.  I understand now that my bleeding experience needed to happen for me to slow down, and not continue with my old habits of being in autopilot – doing things just to do them.  In a way, I am grateful for that experience and what it taught me.  

Even if you are not pregnant, sorry men, …you can still visualize and imagine what it is like to be pregnant, holding and nurturing a miracle inside(your heart center) will help you lift your middle and enhance your breathing to help you sustain more space within, then maybe you are used to practicing.

With this heightened body awareness and my vow to soften and listen more, my connections have been so much deeper and allowed me to access parts of myself that have been challenging.  I’ve gotten better at letting go of my expectations of what the practice SHOULD bring me and instead have allowed the practice to literally hold and support me.  Listening to my body and asking what it needs that day to feel better in that moment to accommodate myself and the needed space for my baby has been such an important practice.  I am not simply “logging in another session.”  My breath has been deeper, my body more lifted and spacious and I treat each movement I take with a little more care and percision just how Mr Pilates intended the practice to be.  

The mindfulness that both practices of Yoga and Pilates require have helped me feel held and supported. The more consistent I am with practicing the more held and supported I feel.  This idea is so important in the practice because it will allow you to feel and experience more of yourself to make the deeper more meaningful connections that you need.  

My early  experience during this pregnancy has helped me allow the practice to literally “hold me.”  Just how the loving faces of my girls and Pontus holding me at Sea Tac, I was able to let go, soften and let my emotions flow out to and clear my state to literally, get myself back together.  I  feel fortunate to have not only a loving husband and 2 amazing daughters, but also 2 disciplines that I can count on to hold me.  I do hope you have found people and things in your life that also hold you!  

Now, about to give birth to another baby girl, I feel so lucky to be the one to hold her.  I feel our amazing connection and hope I can continue to hold her and support her out of my womb in the ways she needs so she can also feel and learn what she needs, to be free and independent without me. I was given such a beautiful gift, I know it is an opportunity that will teach and show me how to navigate and proceed into the next chapter of my life.

To being held,



I have a new practice posted on my Vimeo site!  I name the mat practice, “wake up flow.” It is a 50 minute mat practice that includes some of my favorite ‘go-to’ stretches.  The practice is a nice gentle full body flow that is also suitable for active prenatal women (like me!).  I spend some time lubricating our shoulders and hips with some nice circular movements and end with some strengthening movements to reinforce our lower and upper body connections.  When I do this practice I feel more alive in my body.  I hope you do too!



available to view on Community Fitness

Below show the date and the focus/theme of each class:

3/27 – “Step back to connect in the present moment”

Physical practice- integrating “skull loop” which is simply keeping your head aligned well with your heart and therefore the rest of your body.  You know when you are doing this action correctly when your neck is equally long on all sides, your ears fall in line with your shoulders, your gaze is forward and your chest is lifted!

The class is well balanced with a little bit of everything.  Expect some standing postures, hip openers, twists and shoulder openers sprinkled throughout.  A side plank with a bind is the peek posture.

4/3 – “Remembering the beauty that resides within you”

Physical practice – The practice starts off with some basic shoulder and side body openers.  I pick the flow up with some sun salutes, lunges, standing postures, thigh and hip stretches, and heart openers weaved throughout.

Some highlights from the practice are:

– a variation of camel that really opens up the psoas and hips, not to mention an outrageous heart opener. 

– a side plank variation with the top leg in tree pose.  

-a twist, side bend, and back bend all in one… “parivrtta janu sirsasana” or revolved head to knee pose.

-a beautiful backbend  “Matsyasana” or fish pose.

4/10 – “Recalibrate to adapt to new realities”

Physical practice – This HIP opening class is all about using muscle energy to create strong stable boundaries to help us open up our hips.  A lot of focus is on grounding the lower body and keeping the muscles of the feet, shins and thighs active as with muscles tone as we deepen into our stretch.  The practice includes some standing postures and twists and hip and thigh stretches sprinkled throughout.  My peak postures for today are variations of pigeon pose! 

– “eka pada galavasana” which is flying pigeon pose 

– “eka pada rajakapotasana” which is one legged king pigeon pose or mermaid/merman:)

4/17 – “Soft mind + steady foundation = strong heart”

Physical practice – this class encourages you to breathe in the back of your heart to create more width and space in your back.  Expect to try a challenging arm balance (crow pose/“bakasana”) that requires a lot of space in the back to pull up your center and several delightful heart openers with many twists sprinkled in to help us clean out any stiffness and unease in our inner bodies.

Expect some refreshing variations in:

-prasarita padottanasana – wide stance forward fold

-ustrasana – camel

-janusirsasana – head to knee pose

-explore dolphin pose (ardha pincha mayurasana), my all time favorite, to strength the upper back and open the chest!

4/24 -“Remember your truth and shine bright” 

Physical practice – This practice will be sure to get your juices flowing as there will be several hip and heart opener to allow more space.  The peak posture is firefly pose or “tittibhasana”.  Just as a firefly lights itself up, I hope this practice will fill you up and light your inner fire so you also shine your brightness to all around you.

5/1 – “Vitality practice”

Physical practice –  This practice is all about keeping our side bodies long and inner bodies bright as we free up space within.   I hope this practice will help us all feel more vitality within as we work to untangle tension in our waists and lower back also helping us release held stress around our kidneys where our adrenals sit and tend to get overly worked.  No crazy new postures, just expect a lot of focus on our breathing as we work to free up our side bodies.  I hope this practice leaves you feeling energized, luminous, and buoyant within.:).  

5/8 – “Connect to your back body to trust more in your divine nature”

Physical practice – This practice is all about turning inward, connecting more to our back body(the unseen), and softening our exterior to help us remember our own true divine nature.  I hope his practice will help us trust in the universal energy, even if uncertain an unknown, allowing it to flow through us and help carry us through any difficult situations.  Expect some twists and hip openers to unravel our whole body.  It’s a truly feel good practice.

5/15 – “Be like water”

Physical practice – This practice is designed to help us connect to our playful sprits inside.  Just how a river can flow and move through boundaries it runs into, I hope we can also do the same!  I will focus more attention on unlocking and thawing out our shoulders and hips by integrating some circular movements that can help us rejuvenate and lube our joints so we can move with more fluidity and grace.

5/22 – “Play with contrast to find balanced action”

Physical practice – This practice I will encourage us to explore how contrast in our movements can help us find more of a balanced action in our postures.  Similar to how cat/cow, working from flexion to extension can help us arrive at a neutral spine.  I hope that our exploration will help us connect our pieces to become more whole and also allow us to play and not be rigid and stuck in our movement patterns.  Just as in life, I notice when I allow myself to be curious and play and not be rigid in my beliefs and actions I notice I am generally more content and at peace with myself.  Expect a nice essential flow.

5/29 – “Balanced root chakra”

Physical practice – In this practice I will encourage us to invite a sense of earthiness in our feet, legs, and pelvic floor as we work with many standing postures and hip openers to help us balance our root chakra.   For those of you that are unfamiliar with chakras, they can be described as spiritual energy centers/wheels that are located on our spine.  As we all know, things can get off tuned and out of balance!  Having a balanced root chakra is essential for us to feel stable, safe, and generally at ease with ourselves.  Our root chakra is located at the base of our spine and is our base of support in which to grow.  I hope this practice unsticks you if you are feeling stuck and brings radiance to your life if you feel rushed!



On Demand Prenatal Pilates Mat classes, available to view at Community Fitness

Introducing “Sideways Pilates”

Feel good Pilates flow targeting opening up the sides of our body to unravel and relieve our low back.  Pilates class that empathizes strengthening and opening the side of the body, working our transverse and oblique abdominal muscles!   This Pilates class will still include several “classical moves,” however, limiting the amount of time spent on our backs and also lying prone, therefore making this class suitable for individuals with stiffer upper backs and prenatal women!

Below shows the DATE & the FOCUS of  each class:

5/12 – “Sideways Pilates” – prenatal  CLASS #1, week 22

Standing warm up is 15 minutes, followed by an additional 10 minute ‘plank variation’ warm up on the mat.  Expect a Mat Pilates sequence that accents more work and fresh variations on side planks and lying on your side.

5/19 – ”Sideways Pilates” – prenatal  CLASS #2, week 23

Standing warm up is about 10 minutes, followed by a 20 minutes of plank and forearm quadruped work.  Expect to feel your whole posterior chain as I will feature small deliberate movements that create serious heat targeting our upper back, glutes, and hamstrings. 

5/26 – “Sideways Pilates” – prenatal Class #3 week 24

Standing warm is 20 minutes.  this warm up opens up the chest as we stretch strong through the arm bones, shoulders and wrists as well as the lower body with some nice low lunges and stretches to open up the sides of our body.  The mat work included the hundred, series of 5, side lying kicks, kneeling side kicks, and planks to close the workout.  Feel more supple and spacious  after completing this balanced practice.

6/2 – “Sideways Pilates” – prenatal CLASS #4 week 25 

In this class, I do not do the hundred!!!  I do a light warm up, strong standing arm sequence, followed by some single leg lunges and squats.  On the mat I present a challenging quadruped sequence, followed by a  side lying sequence, leg pull front, modified STAR on knees, and end with some forearm side planks, before coming back to standing.




ON DEMAND PILATES MAT classes!! available to view at Community Fitness

*all classes start with a dynamic standing warm up before beginning a more classical Pilates mat sequence.  The length of ‘warm up’ varies depending on the class, but may include cat/cows, squats, lunges, some balance work, and plank variations.

Below shows the DATE & the FOCUS of each class:

3/24 – “Balancing Mat”

Warm up is 20 minutes. Mat sequence is intermediate including side leg series, teaser, mermaid.  The class concludes with a 2 minute standing arm weight sequence.

3/31 -“Boomerang Mat”

Warm up is 20 minutes.  Mat sequence is a strong intermediate including the roll-over, fun variations on side leg series, kneeling side kick, side bend, and my personal favorite, boomerang!

4/7 – “Toning Mat with small weights”

Warm up is 5 minutes.  Arm standing weight sequence is 10 minutes.  Mat sequence is shown with small light weights(optional).  Some highlights include some reformer exercises such as rowing, pull straps, arm swatqutee, chest expansion and thigh stretch.  I also highlight leg scissors and bicycle(option to use block for support).  A nice variation of teaser is also shown.

4/14 – “Dynamic and Fluid Mat”

Warm up is 5 minutes.  Continued warm up including arm weights is 8 minutes.  Mat sequence is shown with some exercises using a thera band(optional); such as roll down, single leg stretch and a lying prone stretch.   Some highlights include an overall fluid sequence with a focus on opening our front spine integrating movements to stretch open our hips and shoulders/chest.  Some new exercises I will highlight in todays class are leg pull back and the ⭐️ star.   The computer crashes before I can show star on the second side…you’ll figure it out though!

4/21 – “Planking Mat”

Warm up is 25 minutes with several plank variations.   The mat sequence is a fluid flow that keeps the body moving!  I highlight a new way to stabilize hips in single leg circles and revisit the exercise, star.

4/28 – “Sideways Mat”

Warm up is 13 minutes focusing on opening up the side of the body!  The mat sequence includes several classical moves, but is more modified and does not show the “series of 5,” rolling exercises, and lying prone for swan and single/double leg stretch.  The highlights include fresh variations on side planks, lying on your side etc.  The class concludes with an 8 minute standing arm weight series.

5/5/ – “Creative balancing Mat” 

Total warm up is approximately 30 minutes including 5 minutes standing no weights, 20 minutes standing with weights incorporating some balance work, and another 5 minutes on the mat working with plank variations.  The mat sequence is about 20 minutes and starts with some pelvic mobility exercises.  The sequence also incorporates weights in several exercises including a quadruped sequence that enhances our lower body integration.


10 postures, 50 rounds of breath to promote a divine nights sleep:)


Check this sequence out on you tube!

I do this sequence when I am experiencing an achy lower body in the evening before I go to bed.  My legs and feet can be irritated to the point I have a hard time relaxing my body so I can fall asleep.  

The following sequence done with the breath can help flush lower body, releasing tension and tight muscles in the lower body – feet, legs & hips.  

Heres to a divine nights sleep…


1.  cat -inhale/cow – exhale(dynamic stretch)

2.  toe stretch “toe breaker pose”

3.  quad stretch

4.  calves stretch

5.  lying supine – use hands to push thighs back to stretch open and decongest low waist and pelvis

6.  hamstring stretch

7.  figure 4 stretch

8.  windshield wiper/supine twist-inhale one way and exhale the other(dynamic stretch)

9.  hug knees to chest or plow

10.  seated forward fold



“Miracles are natural.  Something is wrong if they don’t happen.  For instance, you can be a vegetarian and run 6 miles a day, but if you are in an abusive relationship, or hate your job, or have daily fights with your parents/spouse, you are losing energy – or power – in a pattern of behavior that can lead to illness or can prevent your healing from an illness.  On the other hand, if you are spiritually centered and call back your energy from negative beliefs you can eat cat food and still stay healthy.” 

pg.26 – Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss.


This month I attended both a Yoga and Pilates conference.  I had a great time reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and of course gaining fresh insight on different ways to teach both these disciplines.  As I reflect back on my experiences and the people I met and worked with I am amazed by how different each and every body is, although some things will work for most people, there are always several exceptions!  Its been fascinating for me to  learn peoples stories and how their stories are visible to some degree in their bodies.   Of course, every ‘body’ is different in its own DNA , but it is interesting to me how a person’s past and present experiences can further shape and influence their body.  That said, I believe the physical actions and postures in Yoga and Pilates are not enough to transform and heal one’s body to find better equilibrium.  I further believe that there has to be a strong importance on “our” spirit(s) as we work.   If we just emphasize the physical/ body without including the spiritual we will fall short of reaping the benefits of both methods. 

I just read the book, Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss.  Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive.  In her book, she gives examples how illness generally corresponds to a held pattern of emotional and psychological stresses, beliefs, and attitudes.  These held patterns influence 7 particular areas in the body.  The 7 energy centers of spiritual and physical power in the body integrate with ancient wisdom of 3 spiritual traditions – Hindu chakras, the Christian sacraments, and the Kabbalah’s tree of life.  If one energy center is lacking energy or ‘sleeping’ for whatever reason this energetic imbalance will have a direct influence on that particular part of the physical body.

You may wonder, why I am writing about a medical intuitive and energy centers and their corresponding connection to the physical body?  It’s fascinating!, and after all, we are simply matter and spirit.  To be healthy and strong I believe its important to understand how matter and spirit interact to ultimately feel our best.  If your spirit is drained our bodies will be too…   We all have our challenges and maybe you are currently, or have experienced, a feeling of disconnect in your body that all the cues and physical therapy etc cannot help undo.  How does that particular part of your physical body coincide with an energetic center in your body?  Read the book!!:)

It’s our human condition to experience suffering and although it’s humiliating, and painful, I believe it is happening for a reason and if I listen and accept the lesson I can find more energetic and physical balance and joy within that will help me ultimately grow and transform into someone greater than before.   I have tried denying my pain and continued to ‘get in the ring’ pushing my feeling aside, but it wasn’t until I accepted my current physical and emotional state and decided to work with it, not ignore it, that my body finally started to heal, open, and recirculate.  All the technical cues and training lessons are a waste of energy and money if your spirit is not also awake and participating with your body.  

I am sure most of us agree that we do not ask ourselves how our spirit is doing when we go to Pilates or exercise class, but I believe it is something to pay attention to, especially if you do want to improve, find more connection within and ultimately feel better.  What enlivens and fuels our spirit also fuels our bodies.   “The power that fuels our bodies, our minds, our hearts does not originate in our DNA, Rather, its our roots in divinity itself” – pg 78

Here’s my 2 cents on how you could uplift your spirit

-show up 

show up with full presence and awareness in and out of class

-remind yourself

remind yourself you are not alone.  There are other beautiful souls that have the same work to do.

-breathe, breathe, continue to breathe

The breath is the piece that connects us. When we are breathing deeply and consciously we are in union with the divine and  and can move our energy, and transform our spirit.

-listen deeply and pay attention to the  reasons why  – you are doing something.

listen deeply to yourself and others with kindness to better understand.

-be kind and accept yourself and others.

especially in a states/periods of stress, how can you respect yourself and others?  Stand tall, look forward and see one another.   Look for the good in the situation.  Find the lesson to be learned and be a model for others.

15 minute workout -standing arm sequence

I have a new video to share with you on my vimeo account. 
The workout shows a 15 minute standing arm sequence.  The workout focuses on the upper body connection between your hands and your back.  The first 3 minutes is a basic dynamic warm up to open and wake the body up.  The following 12 minutes shows the standing arm weight sequence.  
Its a great add on to any workout especially a nice long walk(like I did yesterday).  Its also short enough to squeeze in at any time in your day to build strength in your back and enhance more openness in your chest….a great primer for backbends:).
A few things to keep in mind:
1.  weights are optional.  However, be sure to hug your muscles to your arm bones –  start to finish –  in the workout with/without weights to enhance your connection.  Use your muscles to stretch!  “You are as strong as you are flexible.”
2.  head, throat, shoulders move as an integrated piece.  
3.  with every move you make, think how you are connecting to your back either for the purpose of strengthening or stretching.
I hope you enjoy it!

BACKBENDS…Free your heart & let go of your mind


If you are familiar with my teaching you may have heard me voice one if not all of the following…

Root to rise.

Ground to grow.

Connect within to expand out.

Dig deep to shine bright.

I love it how these complementary phrases can remind us of seeing another perspective.  I do believe that there is always a flip side to everything.

I find these contradicting sayings very valuable as I work in my Pilates practice where much of what I am concentrated on is strengthening my center.   If I just focus on rooting, grounding, connecting (strengthening actions), etc…and do not give equal attention to the rise, growth, expansion, and overall reach out, I could create more stress and congestion in my pelvic center instead of what I want which is a strong, yet spacious connection.

As I am sure most of us can agree, it is natural to sometimes resist a difficult situation/hardship, or feel sad, upset, angry, and possibly even out of breath.   Remembering that this is only one side to our experience or our ‘play’ (and the play will go on if we allow it) brings me peace and hope.  It helps to be aware of the flip side of all situations when I am struggling the most. 

I find Backbends to be a perfect remedy to help me when I am feeling sad and resisting the present moment.  Experiencing the pure physicality of a backbend of being flipped open helps me breathe deeper and encourages me to let go, be courageous, playful, and trust in myself.  As you can imagine, the nature of a backbend exposes the front body which we generally are very protective of.   As a result of “exposing ourselves,” I truly believe we can release held tensions and emotions that we sometimes can’t let go.  It the best kind of posture to practice to lift us up, “unstick” ourselves, and release tension within.  It can also enhance our flexibility and overall elasticity, giving us a feeling of youthful lightness and the ability to take a fuller, deeper, breath.

Another great benefit to practicing backbends is that they can give you tremendous strength in your back body.  The muscles of the back, legs, buttocks, and shoulders are generously strengthened.  Backbends may seem scary at first, but  they are not that complicated when broken down and truly worth the effort.  Backbends are definitely a challenge for most people as it is not a posture we practice on a day to day basis.  Most of us spend the most of our day sitting, possibly looking at screens for too long which encourages opposite actions of a backbend; such as flexion in the hips, short front bodies, round upper backs and tight shoulders.  I hope writing this will encourage you to all get up off your chair and do a backbend or at least give your self a moment to extend and lengthen the front of your spine and open your collar bones wide!!  Take a few breaths and feel more spacious and alive!

If you are curious about backbends and want more insight on how you can enhance yours, I would be happy to help you at my next social hour, scheduled for March 6 2020.  My 41st birthday is just a few days later, March 10th, and it is my wish and my hope to have a backbend party!  I hope you can come and help me celebrate.  I also hope we all can remember that sunshine and brighter days can be a beautiful result of dark gloomy storms, in our life and also in our practices.



-Heart leads the way.  

-Back body is active and front body lengthens/drapes over the back.

-Use your legs and ground consciously through your feet!!

-Observe your behind…it should be a spacious container where your abdomen can connect down through your feet.  If you tighten, clench, squeeze your seat too much you will not only compress your low back, there will also be no connection:(.  It helps to inner rotate upper thighs when lifting sit bones and extending through hips to keep the pelvis in a neutral state.

-Work from your ‘inside out’ to transform yourself breath by breath into a deeper more fuller expression of your backbend.

Here’s to bending over backwards,



Clear Boundaries & More Letting Go…

When I am unsure of where I should be or where I belong whether that be in life or on my Pilates mat, I find either 1 of 3 things can happen.  

  1. I put forth too many boundaries and too much effort, making me rigid in my body and impatient in my actions.  As a consequence, I leave the situation or my mat either frustrated and/or unsatisfied with my performance.
  2. I chose to ignore and neglect the situation at hand and do not pay attention  to what I am doing in life nor on my mat.  I am careless and sometimes can hurt myself and others around me simply from not being attentive.
  3. I choose to make a plan!  I focus on the things I know and what I can do.  I use this     to give me leverage to face the challenge(s) at hand.  If I continue to focus on the things I can do, I find, that I can more easily soften my efforts that ultimately help me navigate not only in life but also in my Pilates practice. 

Below I share an example of this idea from my own life, and I also share some Pilates tips that have helped me be more aware of my boundaries when I practice to enhance my workout to the fullest and at the same time soften within. 

I hope you enjoy my reflection and Pilates tips below…

My personal example I will share with you is a reflection on my own experience from moving communities/states 7 times (5 different states; WA, IA, OH, CA, UT) within 10 years (2003-2012).  Through this amazing opportunity I was challenged to integrate myself into a new community knowing that my stay wouldn’t be that long.  I married my husband Pontus the week before he started medical School, at Des Moines University, in Des Monies, Iowa.   As a newly wed and fresh out of my masters in Teaching program at Seattle University, it was tempting not to involve myself that whole heartedly in a new community, and instead stay more to myself.   I learned pretty fast that not participating in my surroundings and just doing the “status quo” was no way to live.  My attitude shifted quite swiftly, and it wasn’t long, until I chose to dive right in and try my best at what I was doing.  In the beginning, I taught HS french, tutored french, worked at a restaurant, worked in several boutique studios/gyms, and then eventually followed my own hearts passion to learn about the body taking classes to become a personal trainer and fitness instructor.  Committing myself to teach Pilates and Yoga did not take long, as I recognized that this was someplace I belonged.   Each time we moved, it definitely took a lot of courage to step out in a new environment and re-root myself in that new community, but I knew my efforts paid off, when I was accepted and felt  joy within with what I was doing.  As I contemplate back on that particular journey I see a reciprocal relationship between the effort I put out to the joy I got back.  I also see a relationship between the energy behind my efforts to what I felt in return.  Each time I moved to a new community/State my efforts to involve myself in the community were much clearer.  I did not only have a better idea of who I was, but what I could offer.  I was expanding in my understanding of myself and in my abilities as a teacher.  Furthermore, every time we moved I had more insight in to what worked, what didn’t work, what I liked, what I did not want to do again, and how I wanted to live/be.  I believe, for me, having the opportunities I did to start a new so many times, helped me clarify my boundaries and routines. This knowledge and awareness contributed to making my efforts less exhausting and more joyful.  Now being in Seattle since 2012, although we do not plan to move states/jobs any time soon, I do try to make a conscious effort every year to be clearer with my own boundaries, so I can enjoy and soften into the opportunities that present themselves.

In the practice of Pilates, I find that when I practice with clear boundaries, I am more able to soften and expand my efforts within those boundaries.  Overall, I have a much better outcome and I experience feeling of spaciousness and lightness  within.

You may ask, what are boundaries in my body exactly?”  Simply put, your structure or your bones!  They are the frame within which you have to work.

With the practice of Pilates, I encourage you to really pay attention to your structure.  There are several boney landmarks as I am sure you know:). 

Within the method, the following are the most useful to pay attention to when you are practicing:

1 – sacrum, lateral base of your pelvis.

2 – ridge of your scapula

3 – middle base of your skull

4 – “sits” bones

5 – heel bones

6 – lower tips of shoulder blades

7 – collar bone

8 – frontal hip points – ASIS and pubic bone

As you practice Pilates, consider asking yourself what boney landmarks you are experiencing as you transition in and out of your exercises.  The more you practice with this awareness you can use these boundaries as leverage to help you become clearer and clearer with where you should be and what you should feel!

Focusing on your own unique structure, will provide you with information and feedback when you integrate them with full awareness in your actions.  You will learn quickly what step to take next.  Instead of being unsure if you are in the right position, you will know your framework and be able to fully expand greater into yourself by using your muscles to support your structure as you move without tensing. 

I hope this season inspires you look inside, and see what matters to you!  Having your own truth as your platform, I hope, will encourage you to deepen and expand not only your perspective, but your understanding of yourself and the others around you as well.  Always come back to your own truth and let that knowledge present you with beautiful new opportunities for growth and self discovery in 2020.