The Pelican Brief


I love this cocktail.  It’s a sophisticated summer sipper.  Those of you who came to my last happy hour know what I am talking about!


Below is the recipe…enjoy before end of summer.

1.5 oz Gin (I used Hendrick’s)

2.5 oz. Pinot Gris (I used Terrapin Cellars 2014)

1 oz. rhubarb syrup(email if you want the recipe)

1 oz. lime juice(fresh of course!)

dash or 2 of grapefruit bitters

twist of citron(lemon/lime/orange)

Italian Spritz

This drink is refreshing and oh so good  that you have to discipline yourself to just have 1!

The following recipe is inspired from our recent vacation in Italy.  The spritz itself can be made using different liquors depending on your mood and your taste.

Spritz ingredients:

-3 parts prosceco

-2 parts liquor.  (classic liquor to use is Aperol.  However you can get creative here!  If I want something less sweet I substitute Campari or if I want something more sweet I  substitute limoncello.  Maybe you want it bitter sweet, then add 1 part Campari to one part limoncello).  What do you feel like today?

-1 part soda water

As you see the following proportions gives you the boundaries for the drink.  As I mentioned, classic spritz is made with Aperol.  I personally enjoy Campari as it is less sweet and more on the bitter side.  You can also make the spritz “dirty” by substituting one part liquor such as aperol with gin or vodka.  Play and have fun with this recipe.  I hope you enjoy “cocktail hour” as much as I do!