10 postures, 50 rounds of breath to promote a divine nights sleep:)


Check this sequence out on you tube!

I do this sequence when I am experiencing an achy lower body in the evening before I go to bed.  My legs and feet can be irritated to the point I have a hard time relaxing my body so I can fall asleep.  

The following sequence done with the breath can help flush lower body, releasing tension and tight muscles in the lower body – feet, legs & hips.  

Heres to a divine nights sleep…


1.  cat -inhale/cow – exhale(dynamic stretch)

2.  toe stretch “toe breaker pose”

3.  quad stretch

4.  calves stretch

5.  lying supine – use hands to push thighs back to stretch open and decongest low waist and pelvis

6.  hamstring stretch

7.  figure 4 stretch

8.  windshield wiper/supine twist-inhale one way and exhale the other(dynamic stretch)

9.  hug knees to chest or plow

10.  seated forward fold


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