Most of you are aware that I just returned from a yoga intensive in Encinitas, CA with Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrew Rivin.  This year there were 66 participants from all over the country ranging in age 30-mid 80’s.  Despite the diversity of our age and our experiences, the group was united in how we all came to learn from each other in an effort to grow in ourselves.  The focus on the intensive is to “raise our vibration”  and throughout the week we discussed and reflected on how we showed up in the world and also how we would like to start showing up in the world to promote a higher vibration:).   We discussed  the idea that we are ‘experience’ beings and we agreed that we suffer more and therefore have a lower vibration, when we do not take ownership of our experience….  

Personally, I could think of several times when I do not take ownership and I allow “my buttons to get pushed.” 

Just the other day, I asked a question to Pontus and instead of acknowledging what I said, or asking me to clarify, and answering my question, he skipped ahead and started to ramble out some unsolicited ideas (this by the way is a normal occurrence and is also the reason why I love him so much).  Anyhow, I got really upset because he did not recognize the simplicity of what I was asking and skipped ahead to what he was assuming the bigger issue was.  In my frustration of the situation I lost my filter and said things I shouldn’t, thus bringing nothing positive or uplifting to our current state.  BIG SIGH…  Things eventually calmed down and I recalibrated my state once I chose to soften and tenderize my own idea of what’s right and wrong, and instead chose to listen and see the bigger picture of US.  I know that Pontus was only trying to help me in his own way.  I should be more grateful for his suggestions and get less upset on the outcome and instead focus more on what I can control, which is how I handle my response.

Being the creator of our experience requires us not only to “show up” physically but also “show up” with a bigger awareness that encourages us to be curious, ask questions, and ultimately improve our situation.  Do you have someone in your life that pushes your buttons?  Such good teachers!:)

Connecting in our Pilates practice requires the same amount of awareness and willingness to show up! 


Here is my unsolicited advice to maximize more connection in your Pilates practice 


Stay curious and ask yourself questions!

 – Are you allowing yourself to take full breaths?

– What position are you in?   Is the exercise/posture a tall back or round back position?  Once you are aware of that knowledge, then be sure you are integrating your feet/knees/legs into hips and beyond appropriately.

 – Do you feel your body balanced in your work effort? Or are some parts giving too little/too much effort?  

– Are you using the exercises and especially the apparatus whether that be the handles or leg spring to grow  your body? 


Some actions we can take if an effort to “raise our vibration”:

Stack/connect your structure in the position you are in whether that be your tall or round back.

 Pull into yourself in all you do.  HUG your midline from your front, back, left, and right side bodies!  

-There is always potential for more SIDE BODY LONG (the length between your hips and armpits).  Forget about putting the shoulders down your back, at least until you can lift your torso and draw your shoulders up on your back.:)

– when hands or feet are connected on the apparatus its always a good practice to…squeeze forearms energetically towards one another to create more space in shoulder girdle and squeeze shin bones energetically toward one another to create more space in hips/pelvic center!  Be sure to keep your elbows and knees stay a little bent.  Connection is easily lost  if you  lock elbows and knees.

Soften, soften soften!  Keep softening your front body into your back body; including your thigh bones, abdomen, front ribs, sternum, throat, head!

REACH, SHINE, EXPAND YOU!  Remember that our limbs are extensions of our center, so fully reach, don’t hold back!


What do you need to raise your vibration?  For me, I am trying to let go of the need to prove myself and instead allow myself to improve!  Opening up to a bigger picture and getting curious is helping me ‘raise my vibration’ and I hope it will help you too.



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