Le Mat Avance

Good evening beautiful friends,
I have an advanced mat workout to share with you that will be sure to make you smile if not feel amazing! 
The workout is almost identical to “le mat” workout I have on my vimeo account except that it is presented in actual time:).  I do not give a ton of technical cues as it is advanced and at this level most of you know the general principles to at least set you up and keep you safe, but that said, I do talk you through the workout.
I hope you practice, you are worth the work:).
“Vaut le travail
Some tips before you start your workout…

-lift and lengthen yourself in your movements and in your transitions from exercise to exercise.
-look slightly forward rather than down or up
-Observe yourself in your practice to help you recognize how you could enhance your own inner connections
-Allow your internal experience to guide you into your external frame.




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