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Below show the date and the focus/theme of each class:

3/27 – “Step back to connect in the present moment”

Physical practice- integrating “skull loop” which is simply keeping your head aligned well with your heart and therefore the rest of your body.  You know when you are doing this action correctly when your neck is equally long on all sides, your ears fall in line with your shoulders, your gaze is forward and your chest is lifted!

The class is well balanced with a little bit of everything.  Expect some standing postures, hip openers, twists and shoulder openers sprinkled throughout.  A side plank with a bind is the peek posture.

4/3 – “Remembering the beauty that resides within you”

Physical practice – The practice starts off with some basic shoulder and side body openers.  I pick the flow up with some sun salutes, lunges, standing postures, thigh and hip stretches, and heart openers weaved throughout.

Some highlights from the practice are:

– a variation of camel that really opens up the psoas and hips, not to mention an outrageous heart opener. 

– a side plank variation with the top leg in tree pose.  

-a twist, side bend, and back bend all in one… “parivrtta janu sirsasana” or revolved head to knee pose.

-a beautiful backbend  “Matsyasana” or fish pose.

4/10 – “Recalibrate to adapt to new realities”

Physical practice – This HIP opening class is all about using muscle energy to create strong stable boundaries to help us open up our hips.  A lot of focus is on grounding the lower body and keeping the muscles of the feet, shins and thighs active as with muscles tone as we deepen into our stretch.  The practice includes some standing postures and twists and hip and thigh stretches sprinkled throughout.  My peak postures for today are variations of pigeon pose! 

– “eka pada galavasana” which is flying pigeon pose 

– “eka pada rajakapotasana” which is one legged king pigeon pose or mermaid/merman:)

4/17 – “Soft mind + steady foundation = strong heart”

Physical practice – this class encourages you to breathe in the back of your heart to create more width and space in your back.  Expect to try a challenging arm balance (crow pose/“bakasana”) that requires a lot of space in the back to pull up your center and several delightful heart openers with many twists sprinkled in to help us clean out any stiffness and unease in our inner bodies.

Expect some refreshing variations in:

-prasarita padottanasana – wide stance forward fold

-ustrasana – camel

-janusirsasana – head to knee pose

-explore dolphin pose (ardha pincha mayurasana), my all time favorite, to strength the upper back and open the chest!

4/24 -“Remember your truth and shine bright” 

Physical practice – This practice will be sure to get your juices flowing as there will be several hip and heart opener to allow more space.  The peak posture is firefly pose or “tittibhasana”.  Just as a firefly lights itself up, I hope this practice will fill you up and light your inner fire so you also shine your brightness to all around you.

5/1 – “Vitality practice”

Physical practice –  This practice is all about keeping our side bodies long and inner bodies bright as we free up space within.   I hope this practice will help us all feel more vitality within as we work to untangle tension in our waists and lower back also helping us release held stress around our kidneys where our adrenals sit and tend to get overly worked.  No crazy new postures, just expect a lot of focus on our breathing as we work to free up our side bodies.  I hope this practice leaves you feeling energized, luminous, and buoyant within.:).  

5/8 – “Connect to your back body to trust more in your divine nature”

Physical practice – This practice is all about turning inward, connecting more to our back body(the unseen), and softening our exterior to help us remember our own true divine nature.  I hope his practice will help us trust in the universal energy, even if uncertain an unknown, allowing it to flow through us and help carry us through any difficult situations.  Expect some twists and hip openers to unravel our whole body.  It’s a truly feel good practice.

5/15 – “Be like water”

Physical practice – This practice is designed to help us connect to our playful sprits inside.  Just how a river can flow and move through boundaries it runs into, I hope we can also do the same!  I will focus more attention on unlocking and thawing out our shoulders and hips by integrating some circular movements that can help us rejuvenate and lube our joints so we can move with more fluidity and grace.

5/22 – “Play with contrast to find balanced action”

Physical practice – This practice I will encourage us to explore how contrast in our movements can help us find more of a balanced action in our postures.  Similar to how cat/cow, working from flexion to extension can help us arrive at a neutral spine.  I hope that our exploration will help us connect our pieces to become more whole and also allow us to play and not be rigid and stuck in our movement patterns.  Just as in life, I notice when I allow myself to be curious and play and not be rigid in my beliefs and actions I notice I am generally more content and at peace with myself.  Expect a nice essential flow.

5/29 – “Balanced root chakra”

Physical practice – In this practice I will encourage us to invite a sense of earthiness in our feet, legs, and pelvic floor as we work with many standing postures and hip openers to help us balance our root chakra.   For those of you that are unfamiliar with chakras, they can be described as spiritual energy centers/wheels that are located on our spine.  As we all know, things can get off tuned and out of balance!  Having a balanced root chakra is essential for us to feel stable, safe, and generally at ease with ourselves.  Our root chakra is located at the base of our spine and is our base of support in which to grow.  I hope this practice unsticks you if you are feeling stuck and brings radiance to your life if you feel rushed!


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