Perfectly Imperfect


Dear beautiful friends,

I just completed module 1 (out of 4) of ‘The Work‘ with Jay Grimes and the amazing staff at Vintage Pilates. My husband asked me when I got home, “aren’t you happy to be home?” I said, “well, not really.” Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and my 2 lovely girls; however, having an opportunity to study the method of Pilates and converse with a like-minded community of people is just so rewarding! My Mother in law asked me what I learned? Now that is a BIG question. I said I needed to reflect as there were so many lessons I experienced over the past week. I am so passionate about the practice of Pilates and how our body can teach us so much about ourselves and who we are. My week was simply full of “play”, self discovery, reflection, and trying to let go of habits that do not serve me well… The more I understand about myself the more empathy and awarenesses I hope to bring to people I am with on a daily basis as well as those I teach.

One lesson I will share with you:
“How do you teach a kid to swing?” Jay asked us. He followed that question by saying, “put the child on a swing and give them a push!” We should move, feel and practice to learn a skill/movement to get good. We do not get good by trying to be perfect. If we correct every imperfection and movement without allowing mistakes to happen how will one ever learn what wrong and right movement feel like? We have to be “bad” before we get good. Do you allow yourself to be bad and make small mistakes? Do you allow those you are with and the ones you may teach to be Bad and make small mistakes? Do you allow yourself and others to move, feel, enjoy the experience for what it is, and trust that we are all perfectly imperfect?
-Having also just recently vacationed on the Big Island of Hawaii I updated my “happy hawaiiawn reggae” music and found a song that complements ‘my lesson’. Its on iTunes, if you want to listen. Want more happy music? I have many fun happy songs, just let me know and I would be happy to share some more:).

“Perfectly imperfect”
– Ryan Hiraoka on itunes.


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