As 2016 soon comes to a close, I naturally spend time reflecting on the opportunities, obstacles, choices and experiences that have filled the year. 2016 was a busy year! Starting my own business, Le Bureau, was a big experience for me that I am excited to continue to grow and develop moving into 2017.   Thank you to all of you who have supported me and contribute to making Le Bureau such an amazing space to work on yourself!

Another big part of 2016 was ongoing struggles with some health issues (Gastrointestinal) dating back to 2012 (when I suffered from 2 severe cases of food poisoning back to back). Since 2012 I have experienced and sometimes suffered through several treatments, seen numerous doctors, and tried countless natural remedies. Through my experiences I have learned a whole lot! Although, I would prefer not to experience the feelings I have had and continue to endure, I am also so grateful for the pain and unpleasant feelings as it has not only helped me gain a greater perspective on life and what is important to me, but it has also taught me so much that I would otherwise not have been exposed to.

The difficult times and experiences has given me greater knowledge and has ultimately made me a better person, not only because I have become more aware of what I do, and how integrated and beautifully dynamic life is, but also how this obstacle has helped me connect and relate to more people who are also suffering in body or life. With that said, I have much gratitude for the lessons I have learned and the people who have helped me along the way. As always I have much gratitude for my loving husband, Pontus, who not only continues to believe in me and my abilities, but also helps me remember that life is too short not to go after what we really want to do!

With what ever triumphs or challenges you have experienced or continue to experience, I hope you are also able to hold much gratitude for your journey as I have mine.  Just remember to, get up, keep moving, stay integrated in your purpose, and as Pontus would say… “Just do it!”

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