15 minute workout -standing arm sequence

I have a new video to share with you on my vimeo account. 
The workout shows a 15 minute standing arm sequence.  The workout focuses on the upper body connection between your hands and your back.  The first 3 minutes is a basic dynamic warm up to open and wake the body up.  The following 12 minutes shows the standing arm weight sequence.  
Its a great add on to any workout especially a nice long walk(like I did yesterday).  Its also short enough to squeeze in at any time in your day to build strength in your back and enhance more openness in your chest….a great primer for backbends:).
A few things to keep in mind:
1.  weights are optional.  However, be sure to hug your muscles to your arm bones –  start to finish –  in the workout with/without weights to enhance your connection.  Use your muscles to stretch!  “You are as strong as you are flexible.”
2.  head, throat, shoulders move as an integrated piece.  
3.  with every move you make, think how you are connecting to your back either for the purpose of strengthening or stretching.
I hope you enjoy it!

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