I have a special video to share with you on the Pilates Beginner system; including both the mat and the reformer work!
I could not figure out how to attach this video to my website…so I used Vimeo.  You will see my previous advanced mat work video here too.:)
Unlike my previous video that I posted several months a go, featuring  the advanced Mat work, this video is not 20X the original speed!  I wanted instead to share with you a video you could possibly follow along to.  However, I did alter the speed 2X the original speed in hope to hold your attention.  The video is 11  minutes including both the mat and the reformer beginner work.
If you are a new practitioner I hope you will find this video to be a great visual tool as you learn the general technique of the foundational exercises the classical Pilates system uses.  If you are not a novice and more advanced, I hope this video will help you enhance your own understanding of the method, as there is much to observe and learn from watching someone else(me!) practice.

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