Come butta Friends?
(whats’s up)

For me I can say cosi cosi(things are ok).  Lots always going on. Life is such a balancing act. Wow!

As some of you may know I am taking Italian lessons each week at North Seattle community college. It is just the right amount of time (2 hours/week) to challenge me but also a nice break from my weekly routine. Although I am not very savvy when it comes to language, it is quite fun (sometime just funny) to try to speak the language. I really enjoy listening to my Italian teacher talk and also enjoy learning about the cultural differences between Italy and the rest of Europe as well as the US. One difference that my teacher hit on last week was that here in the US (as a generalization) we tend not to be honest with ourselves and when communicating with others we seem to fear the truth and think it would be rude to bother people with our problems. On the contrary, in Italy, my teacher says that it would be offensive to lie and not tell it as it is. “Italians speak the truth!” This is so true and thinking about it makes me smile every time…

As you and I both know, the truth is sometimes hard to handle, however, I do strive to live as the Italians live. I know sometimes it’s easy to just leave the truth for another day…but why? What good will that bring to you? Will it inspire change and growth? HMMMM:)

Last but not least, my teacher also says, the the Italians only do things that bring them JOY.

With that said, I hope you have many people, activities, routines, that bring you JOY …

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